A few days ago, a strange creature came with his spaceship to planet earth. The creature did not seem to have much time. He came to town, broke into the house of a very important politician, stole a videotape and immediately left earth again.

We don’t know what’s on the tape and we don’t know what the strange creature’s plans are. But one thing is clear, we are facing a potential political drama.

We are looking for a team of astronauts who are willing to put their lives at risk. We built a teleport cabin that connects to the spaceship of the alien creature. If things go according to plan it should be possible to break into the spaceship, find the tape and come back to earth.

Difficulty level
*min age for groups of unaccompanied children
2 - 5

Two of my friends and I recently completed the spaceship themed room and had a blast! I would definitely recommend this if you have a few hours free while in Brussels.

Jacob Harter

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Great experience! Built with a lot of passion and the owner is very kind!

Florian Wagner

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Very well thought out escape room, nice and authentic decoration, very friendly staff.
Definitely recommended! We will be back!

Alena Martinakova

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