You are cordially invited for tea by Her Majesty, the Queen of Hearts, in Wonderland. But beware! In this crazy and magic world, clocks are never on time, rabbits are always late and cards seem very menacing. While the cheshire cat shows the wrong way, the mad hatter prepares everything for the next mad tea party. Some of you will be directly invited in Wonderland and others will have to travel through the rabbit hole just like Alice did a very long time ago. 

But be careful, anyone who ever went in there, never came out again! So if I was you I wouldn’t stay too long. To take your chances and succeed in this beautiful escape room, you’ll have to discover the secret of the Queen of Hearts and open her treasure within the 60 minutes that are given. If you fail, the door through which you came will dissapear and you’ll be stuck in Wonderland forever!

Difficulty level
*2 adults mandatory for kids under 12
14+ (to play without an adult)
2 - 5

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