Blue Hotel

A crime story with a little touch of magic. You’ll be working for a man who wants you to follow his wife. She took a room at the Blue Hotel and he wants to know what she is up to…

Difficulty level
*min age for groups of unaccompanied children
2 - 5

Very clever, lots of plot twists, lots of fun !

Dries Moerman

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I've visited quite a few escape rooms and this one is my favourite so far.
I played in all of their rooms and I must say that the atmosphere and decorations were pretty amazing. The plots and game flow in each of them are just spot on.
Every room has a different level of difficulty as well. Staff was so nice and light-hearted :).
We enjoyed ourselves very much. Keep up the good fun (and work)!


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The owners are incredibly creative and you’ll find tricks that do not exist anywhere else!
A one-of-a kind experience!

Gauthier Muguerza

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The best decor I've seen so far. Excellent puzzles with inventive twist.

Lawrence Vandervoort

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